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Protection of banks

Protection of banks

Commercial banks could be exposed to serious risk of criminal intrusion because of the specifics of its activity. Criminal acts against banks can be divided into following groups:

  • crimes of violence (armed robberies, robberies of storages and safes);
  • crimes of economic and financial character by using the computer networks;
  • fraudulent actions directed to illegal acquisition of banks assets.

Today one of the important goals is to optimize bank defenses to achieve the necessary level of safety.

For ensuring the security of banks we use different resources such as physical guarding, brand new technical equipment and special equipment of protection:

  • control and management system for SKUD access;
  • security lock system;
  • falling armor blinds;
  • sliding partitions;
  • video surveillance systems;
  • alarm systems etc.

The security solutions of a bank include:

  • security audit;
  • physical guarding;
  • implementation of technical systems;
  • consultations on safety.

Our experts will make an audit of your security system and will define the optimum, tailored way to provide security to your bank.

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