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Protection of business centers

Protection of business centers

Business center is a building or a complex of buildings with all necessary infrastructures for the business activity (a parking, warehouse, staff rooms, points of catering, etc.). It consists a large number of separate offices. The compact territorial arrangement of office building is complicated by occupation of various office owners and different tenants. Besides that business activity attracts a big flow of visitors to business center.

Contemporary business center is a difficult technical construction and it is supplied with various complexes of systems for providing comfortable working conditions for all his clients. But from the position of security it is necessary to control centrally the condition of engineering systems of the building for the timely prevention of emergency situations. Safety of the office center is a very important condition of effective and successful work of all employees and clients.

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The priority of security system of business center is creation of effective contemporary technical systems of guards: control and management of access with use of personal cards of access, the fire alarm system, security technological video surveillance of CCTV monitoring. It can be joined with organizational actions as check system and inside mode. Considerable advantage of use of similar systems is that an unstable human factor of safety level is minimized

Guarding solution of business centers include:

  • security audit;
  • physical guarding;
  • security technological video surveillance of CCTV monitoring;
  • technical systems;
  • consultations on safety.

Our experts will make an audit of your security system and analysis of security of business center and its neighboring territories. They will identify locations, which could potentially be a sources of external or internal threats. Then they will define the optimum and most effective way of guarding considering all of your requirements. We guarantee safety and security with help of our experts from GSC MAINSA.

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