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Protection of construction sites

Protection of construction sites

The site area and its neighboring territories can be an independent branch of production of goods where material values, construction materials, equipment, vehicles, equipment, tools are stored. Presence of a large number of construction workers and equipment in continuous movement considerably complicates security and safety of the site.

Threats to safety and security can come from external intruders seeking to illegally access the site or from personnel who already work at the site and have access to its assets. Often agreements are made between both of these parties resulting in a compromise security and safety.

The priority for the site area security system is the creation and implementation of effective systems of guarding along its perimeter and a gate security check that will prevent the export of unaccounted goods out of the site territory.

Guarding solutions of site area include:

  • security audit;
  • physical guarding;
  • security technological video surveillance of CCTV monitoring;
  • technical systems implementation;
  • consultations on safety.

Our experts will make an audit of your security system and analysis of your site area and its neighboring territories. They will identify locations which could potentially be a sources of external and internal threats. Subsequently they will define the optimum method of guarding considering all of your requirements. With the assistance of the GSC MAINSA experts we guarantee safety, security and order at your facility.

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