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Protection of malls

The shopping center (German Einkaufszentrum, gallery, shopping mall) — is a set of trade enterprises, services, public catering and entertainment complexes which are combined and connected with a covered walkway and provided with parking facilities.

Shopping centers hold a large quantity of money and valuable goods, with a constant crowd of people (average shopping mall attendance is 10,000 people per day); this creates a large appeal to criminal elements. Secondly, any emergency situation on such an asset can provoke serious consequences: the panic in a large shop can easily lead to damage of goods and trade equipment, and moreover to injuries and mutilations. Shopping centers are considered as an attractive place for acts of terrorism.

The security system of a shopping center utilises effective contemporary technical systems: control and management of access, security fire alarm systems, security CCTV monitoring, preventive actions at secured territory (check of employees, organization of joint training of security guards and personnel for development of the plan of action in case of emergency, etc.). Other security actions include:

  • checking goods entering and exiting the facility;
  • the control of vehicle entry / exit;
  • parking security;
  • management of movement of transport stream at the facility;
  • checking transport of suppliers on entrance /exit;
  • face-control of employees and visitors;
  • controlling and checking security guards at stationary posts;
  • patrol of the territory and trading floors for identification of criminal encroachments and recognition of suspects;
  • ensuring independent controls during acceptance of goods;
  • providing independent detective service ensuring safety of goods on trading floor - video surveillance on the trading floor, at cash desks and at the exits;
  • security systems such as fire alarm systems and monitoring of systems of access to the building;
  • video control of rooms for the territory;
  • maintaining public order at territory of shopping center;
  • safely removing visitors in emergency situations;
  • guarding of goods and valuable materials, money and suppression of attempts of theft of goods;
  • anti-terrorist actions;
  • interaction with divisions of District Department of Internal Affairs;
  • interaction with local anti-terrorist divisions.

Guarding solutions at shopping centers include:

  • security audit;
  • physical guarding;
  • video surveillance via CCTV monitoring;
  • technical systems;
  • consultations on safety.

Our experts will make an audit of your shopping mall security system and its neighboring territories. The locations of potential security threats shall then be identified and the optimum and most effective method for security, taking into consideration all of your requirements shall be proposed. We guarantee safety and security with help of our experts from GSC MAINSA.

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