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Protection of hotels

The territory of hotels includes: parking, hotel building, restaurants, bars and various points of retail trade. The more likely places for illegal actions are elevators, isolated public corridors and points of trade.

The priority of hotels security is the creation and use of the following: effective control and management of systems of access, security and technological video surveillance of CCTV monitoring, the fire alarm system.

Our company has extensive experience in these security systems and it allows us to provide to clients decisions based on our vast experience. We understand that the hotel is a place of ensuring of high-level service to clients and our security solutions should be integrated into the existing experience of customer service of the hotel. The purpose of our company is to provide guarding services that will increase the general satisfaction of guests of the hotel.

Guarding of hotels includes:

  • security audit;
  • physical guarding;
  • security technological video surveillance of CCTV monitoring;
  • consultations on safety.

Our experts will make an audit of your security system and will define the optimum solution to guarding your hotel premises, considering all of your requirements. We guarantee to you the absolute safety and order with help of our experts at GSC MAINSA.

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