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Protection of industrial objects

Industrial project is a type of commercial real estate, operation of process equipment and service equipment and production are ensured.

Branch classification of industrial projects includes different assets of machine-building, metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, automobile, light and food industry. They could be as fundamental as wireframe by its type of construction. Materials such as: bricks, trees, concrete, metal or ferroconcrete structures could be employed.

Depending on scale of the object is possible to protect the whole industrial complex including closed production cycle, separate shops, sites, utility and auxiliary rooms.

Specifics of production and large volumes create objective difficulties on the organization of the accounting of products, ensuring its safety in production shops and places of its storage. Commercial value is not only in finished goods but also semi-finished products and alloying additives, in certain cases, commercial value is also found in production wastes.

The priority for protection of an industrial facility is the creation of an effective system of protection of the perimeter and a check system that will provide a record of export of unaccounted goods for the territory of an industrial facility automobile and by rail. Our hi-tech solutions of protection, will provide control of valuables and goods and prevent theft and vandalism. This will allow visitors and employees to observe the established standards of safety.

Protection of industrial facilities depends on the following factors:

  • security audit;
  • physical protection required;
  • installation of technical systems;
  • consultations on safety.

Our experts are ready to study and carry out a security audit of your enterprise to understand specifics of your business and to recommend concrete measures which will promote your success.

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