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Protection of offices

Охрана офисов

The office is a place or building where management, directors, secretaries and other employees work. At office you can take your clients, have business meetings, store and process your documents and archives. Each office contains expensive equipment and other goods. In offices the main company documentation is processed which often contains commercial secrets and is not intended for th eyes of outsiders. Moreover office also contain assets that if damaged or stolen can cause irreparable damage to an organization. Generally there are safe rooms where certificates, important documents, archives, computer servers and other data carriers are stored.

The main object of office security is to use brand new systems of organization of physical guarding.

Guarding solutions of offices include:

  • security audit;
  • physical guarding;
  • security technological video surveillance of CCTV monitoring;
  • technical systems;
  • consultations on safety.

Our experts will make an audit of your security system and will define the optimum way of guarding considering all of your requirements. We guarantee safety and order with help of the GSC MAINSA experts.

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