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“Mainsa” Security Group has a long history. “Mainsa” means an innovative approach, perfect technical opportunities allowing to provide clients with full service in security. “Mainsa” employees are committed to their obligations to clients, and what`s the most important they work professionally, bravely, honestly, safely and loyally.

We take the time to know our client and the specific features of his work. After having a substantive discussion with a client, in which our specialists ask a number of prepared questions and after clients` comments, we offer complex security solutions, taking into consideration and basing on gained experience.

The key to success in security industry is providing the client with the desired result. We have everything you need. We are ready to spend our time to delve into all the special features of client’s work and offer him the best solution in security. “Mainsa” is your reliable partner in complex security solutions. You can count on our knowledge and wide experience.