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MAINSA history

MAINSA history

The group of security companies MAINSA has a long-term history. The SB private security agency was founded in 1995 to ensure complex security of the SEABECO Group company and provided body guarding services to the top officials of the company. Later the SB agency became GSC MAINSA. The company created at that time included former staff from: KGB of the USSR, FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. 

The company developed its specialism in security services over a number of years. During this time the basic principles of our work were formed by drawing on the experiences of our clients, managers and ordinary employees. The foundation of the company is the moral merit of our employees. We plan further development of the company and its employees based on this. We respect the following merits:

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  • Professionalism;
  • Reliability;
  • Courage and firmness;
  • Readiness for self-sacrifice;

We always carry out all obligations to our clients. The evidence of our successful work is shown in the cooperation with significant companies and organizations such as: Savvino-Storozhevsky man's monastery of Moscow diocese (Zvenigorod), Group of companies Midland recourses, Group of companies Crudex Oy, the fund "Federation", "Renault", the Customs terminal of Alan Cargo group of companies, Group of companies Prospekt, Industrial investment company Energotrast, JSC Aviafinservice, Restoration construction company Attica, Movie theater Hudozhestvenny and many others.

Today GSC MAINSA uses an innovative approach combined with excellent technical capabilities that allows us to provide highly professional services to our clients, and allows for organizing the large events safely, to protect objects of any scale, and also provide bodyguard services. We install technical security systems with different levels of complexity and for a wide range of purposes; we provide legal aid and consulting solutions. All our employees regularly have training and improve their qualifications; they all have licenses and extensive work experience.

Our 18 years of experience in the security area is a guarantee of professionalism and efficiency of any challenging task.