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Consulting Center

The consulting center is a part of GSC MAINSA. It provides professional support and consultation on a wide range of questions including taxes, technical-engineering and information - analytical spheres.

Tax consulting and planning

One of the most important factors of a successful business is an observance of standards of the tax legislation. It provides stability for the company's activities safety for its' management. It is thus highly important to mitigate the company's tax risks professionally and in a timely manner. Considering all features and specifics of the company's activities we provide professional tax consultations and offer an approach tailored to each client.

We assist to settle tax disputes in the following capacities:

  • defense of interests of the company during the tax audits;
  • legal examination of actions, acts and decisions of the tax authorities;
  • contestation of acts of the tax audits, analysis of acts of the tax authorities;
  • compilation of appeals and complaints to the tax authorities and providing them the appropriate tax information;
  • compilation of statements contesting decisions of tax authorities and authorization of representatives at arbitration courts.

Tax planning

If you consider that the tax expenses of your company are too high we will examine them and will offer the best way to optimize them.

Within tax planning we offer:

  • An analytical approach to existing tax systems, development and implementtation of the taxation model which is suitable for your business;
  • preparation within your company to achieve optimum tax results;
  • compilation of lists of the necessary actions required to decrease the level of tax risk and to achieve the minimum tax burden.

Technical consulting

Technical consulting — is a full complex of actions which can help to present detailed and objective information to the client about existing or completed projects; and also to define tasks and the basic principles of the necessary security policy.

We offer:

  • to create a united set of rules for protection of your technical systems, the fire safety system and development of anti-terrorist strategies;
  • to develop and compare technical and economic research for the following;
  • to compile and to implement the concepts of security for all assets;
  • to regularly check client safety systems with further recommendation for its modernization and upgrade.

Information and analytical consulting

Information and analytical consulting can fully support your business with: monitoring of investment processes, market research, analysis of the present market situation and also a check of partners and competitors.

We are ready to offer the full range of information services to our client and to prepare detailed reports on any interesting financial and business interest. We cannot open the secrets of our work, but we guarantee to provide you with information at the most appropriate times. Thanks to our numerous bases of experts in various areas we work with even the most difficult tasks.

We have created our own procedures that allow us to make precise reports. It will contain detailed data of the company activity, its owners, managers, financial reports, the analysis of the structure of capital, history, foundation and also the data of branches and subsidiaries, etc.

We guarantee fast work, professionalism, confidentiality and a personalized approach.

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