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Physical security

Physical security

One of the major specialities of GSC MAINSA is the physical guarding of different types of objects.

Physical guarding ensures the safety of objects, their materials, protection of lives and the health of its personnel. The following are typically guarded by our company: property, buildings and constructions, communications and the territory within these objects including the personnel.

Usually physical guarding begins with a security audit of possible risks and threats, their prevention and identification of the most effective and rational system of security. Physical guarding of the object is the safeguarding and tracking of a situation in the protected territory by means of direct presence of security guards.

It is necessary to know that your company is in safety, that protection is organized on a high level. This will bring you productive and successful work. Thanks to the well-coordinated work of our experts we are ready to offer you physical guarding at the highest level.

With help of physical guarding you can solve the following problems:

  • Implementation of a check-control system (including cars if necessary);
  • Internal security;
  • Security of public order;
  • Patrolling and surveying;
  • Installation of video system control of the object of interest and th adjacent vicinities;
  • Implementation of fire-prevention control systems;
  • Fast interaction with law-enforcement authorities and emergency services;
  • Anti-terrorist actions;

Our experts will carry our a safety audit and will offer the optimum suitable solution for how to secure your company. Our good specialists can guarantee to you the full safety and protection of your property. 

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